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What's UG photograph?

Hi! my name is Yuji Tanaka. UG photograph is my activity names. I will take a picture of the various genres.portrait,landscape,snap...and more. I am aiming to take a seamless photo!!


We place a lot of women of the portrait. There is also a photo that was taken using natural light, but there are many photos using the flash.

Landscape & Snap

in preparation. . . . This page has been mainly me for a landscape photo and snap photos and the starry sky of the photo. The near future is a change plans.

Sports & Movie (time-lapse)

in preparation. . . . This page has been mainly me for a sports photo and DSLR video.(time-lapse also be included.) Video is studying. We plan to increase the future a lot.

UG Office*

We aim to seamless design. "photograph,Graphic design,Logo design,Furniture design,Darts barrel design...and more" It started its activities from the time of college. since1998.

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UG Photograph

Photograph & Movie

Feature Image 1


UG Office representative designer

1979~ Fukuoka,Japan

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UG Design,Vectorglide,MOPA

Design - "UG Design" Darts barrel design - "Vectorglide" Furniture design - "Designers factory MOPA"

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Here if you have any requirements, such as work requests and model hope.

We will reply as soon as possible.Thank you for your inquiry.


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